Wings on Wheels Testimonials

"When my wife passed away nine months ago, I never knew that one of the blessings my family would experience in the coming months was the loving care of the staff of Wings on Wheels.

I am the father of eight children, five of whom were still living at home when their mother died.  Imagine the daunting task that lay ahead of me (and still does !).  It has been such a help to have Jennifer and Courtney come alongside the younger children as friends and counselors to help the kids (and all of us) process some of the grief we are experiencing.  Their visits to our home have included laughter, art projects that help the kids connect back to memories of their mother, gentle discussions about the loss they’ve experienced, and some tears.  The kids have been refreshed, and when the W.O.W. team leaves our house there are always smiles on all faces, ... in addition to a sense of someone having helped us do a difficult work we were struggling to do by ourselves.

I’m so grateful that we encountered Wings on Wheels.  They have gone out of their way to care for a family that misses someone very important.  Thank you, Jennifer and Courtney, and other caregivers at BJC Hospice and WOW !"

Tom Rea


I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your work with our students last week.  Both of the teachers commented that it was a wonderful experience for the students and they were grateful for this opportunity.  I know that Kellie truly appreciated the additional support you offered one of her students who has known Tristan the longest.  I have copied all of the material you gave me for my colleagues and I trust that this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership between WOW and the District. 

Chris McFarlane