Wings on Wheels

Supporting children affected by illness or grief

Sometimes kids need help expressing their grief. Words of sadness don't always come easily to children. BJC Hospice expressive therapists work compassionately with children using visual art, music, writing and play therapies to provide awareness of the impact of illness and loss.

Wings on Wheels (W.O.W.) was created to extend expressive therapy into the community. A brightly colored van is ready to roll, going where it's needed -- schools, scouts, churches, families and neighborhoods -- to connect our expressive therapy to children and families in the metropolitan St. Louis community where they live, learn and play. A specially trained expressive therapist leads creative activities to help children explore their thoughts and feelings, celebrate life and honor relationships.

Education and resources are also provided for parents and adult leaders so additional support can continue.

About Wings on Wheels

  • W.O.W is offered at no charge to community groups and families
  • Services are provided to pre-school age children through young adult
  • A professional counselor works offers expressive therapy activities
  • Art, music and play therapies promote expression and healing
  • Coordination is provided between Wings on Wheels, parents and the organization
  • BJC Hospice has over 25 years providing exceptional grief support to the community, including free camps and retreats for young and old

When to Call Wings on Wheels

  • When there is an extended absence due to illness and the desire to compassionately help children connect with one another in the community
  • When there is an unexpected absence or loss of a parent, sibling, classmate, teacher, coach, friend, team mate or other significant relationship within a child's life and community
  • When there is a need to help support children in their loss and grief
  • When there is a community disaster or tragedy impacting children and their families

For more information, call 314.953.1WOW (314.953.1969) or e-mail Wings on Wheels

This program is funded by Friends of Wings, and generous corporate and individual donors.

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