Monarch Society Board


Established in 2012, the Monarch Society recognizes the significant commitment and contribution to the Friends of Wings. The past, present and future development and growth of Wings would not be possible without the support of this group. 

Please contact Alicia at 314.953.1662 or for more information on how to become a part of this dedicated group of ambassadors.

Founding Members

Lisa and Greg Boyce
Alyson and Gregg Garland
Kymberly and Mark LoCigno
Diane and David Katzman
Jennifer and Jim Koman
Joni and Michael Malloy
Saks Fifth Avenue - St. Louis
Gayle and Fred Palmer
Joan and Mark Thompson
Barbara and Ed Westland
LaVanna and Kirk Wrobley
Asha and Rick Zimmerman

"Art has been a cathartic way for me to navigate cancer, express myself and focus on life's beauty.  It enables kids to embrace the unknown and fly into a world free from rules, medicine and illness." 

Diane Katzman, Diane Katzman Design